A one-of-a-kind guide to help promote the concept of culinary tourism and promote Oregon as a culinary destination.

Client:  Oregon Culinary Tourism Association

Publishing Need:  The Oregon Culinary Tourism Association was looking for a way to publish the first-ever culinary travel guide in the United States. The idea was to create a publication that would help promote Oregon as a culinary destination and offer ideas for unique and memorable culinary experiences. However, the association did not have a budget to invest in the publication.

Solution:  MEDIAmerica recommended a publication structure with a mix of original editorial content and paid advertorials (partner pages).  The partner pages were formatted to provide a clean look and complemented the editorial features.  They provided a unique advertising approach for the advertisers, and a source of funding for the project.

Result:  The guide, “Oregon’s Culinary Escapes,” was produced at no cost to the client. The result was a clean and uncluttered editorial feel throughout the publication and a great resource for readers to find their next culinary destination.