npEvery successful marketing effort is built on a foundation of niche, print advertising. Our investment in high-caliber editorial means that our readers don't just scan the pages, they have a relationship with our magazines. Placing your valuable ad dollars in MEDIAmerica publications ensures your brand is seen by exactly the right people. And our highly niched readership means you don't waste a single dollar reaching non-buyers. Advertising efficiency is absolutely key in today's economy.

What products is advertising available in?

To reach people who love their homes:

Oregon Home magazine

The Oregon Remodeler's Source Book

To reach business leadership statewide:

Oregon Business magazine

Oregon Business' Research Oregon

Oregon Business Powerbook

To reach Oregon travel enthusiasts both in-state and out:

Travel Oregon magazine

Oregon Travel Planner

Discover Portland Hotel Book

Travel Oregon Kids Guide

SW Washington Visitor's Guide

Washington County Visitor's Guide

Things to See & Do in Oregon

Ski Oregon magazine

Call us today to discuss a marketing campaign based on a solid foundation of niche advertising which includes a well-balanced package of print, web and face-to-face exposure with your exact audience.

Advertising in well-done niche publications is what makes all your other marketing efforts work better.

- Andrew Insinga, President & CEO, MEDIAmerica